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What is American Capital? Why use us over a large Bank or a small mortgage broker?

We are a 22 year old Mortgage Bank founded in El Segundo California by three Loan officers, Kent Kirkpatrick, Allen Cravello and Tim Greaney. We worked for banks like Citibank and others back in the day and got our training and corporate industry knowledge while thinking there had to be a better way. At one institution, we had one set of products and pricing and one mindset. We knew that by starting our own Mortgage Bank, we could have many different bank products and appeal to a much broader base of clientele. A Mortgage Bank has one solid goal, to find the best loan ( rate, product and credit match) for a client buying or refinancing a 1 to 4 unit residential property, and along with that give the best customer service. In 1994 we started ACC to provide more options for our borrowers, real estate agent clients and the loan officers that would come to work with us. We needed to be able to offer whatever bank ( Wells Fargo, Chase, US Bank etc….), investor ( like Fannie Mae direct or Freddie Mac direct, FHA ), credit union, mid-size banks from all over the country… would have the best combination of interest rate, product and service for our clients… and so we formed ACC to accommodate this need. For 22 years we have been providing this service to our clients. We have grown to 13 states, 22 offices and over 240 employees… careful not to grow too large that we lose our goal and careful not to stay too small that we cannot take advantage of the benefits of size and strength.. benefits that range from better pricing, more options and greater control of the loan process… all ending up in the best possible experience for our clients.

You will not see ACC advertised on a freeway billboard or during the NBA game… we are not looking to be the cheapest rate quote to get you to “call in”. Those lenders inevitably will find a reason to tell you why your rate is different than the one quoted upfront… and usually so far into the process it is too late… we are not the lender who quotes you the lowest rate… for those that are looking for that upfront we are not the home. But for those that are referred to us by someone ( past borrower, real estate agent, family member ) and who want a complete and honest quote upfront, one that involves us asking detailed questions about what they are trying to accomplish with this loan, information on their personal credit and finances and any other pertinent information that might affect the actual end price of the loan, we are the BEST option. Our experience, connections and massive product and interest rate options provide the very best platform in the industry to take care of our clients.

It is important to note that the mortgage industry has been through massive change. Government regulation is everywhere and not very many Mortgage banks have survived the last five years let alone the last 20 plus… it is a difficult industry and one that takes an expertise that cannot be gained through any short period of time or education. This industry is one of time and hard knocks and there is no replacing that. We tell our borrowers upfront that the amount of documentation we are going to request is overwhelming and that they need to be prepared the whole way through to work with us and it will get done… working together is the only way… we seek clients that understand this… then end result is the client ends up with a great loan and we end up with a great relationship.

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Kent Kirkpatrick