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 I graduated from the University of Southern California in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate Finance and began my career as a mortgage professional with Citibank in 1990.  During my years at Citibank, I learned the fundamentals of the business while, at the same time, I realized the constraints of working at a single large bank (i.e., variety of loan programs, availability of the most competitive rates, etc.).  In order to provide the best loan programs, interest rates and highest level of custmer service to our clients, my partners and I formed American Capital Corporation, a Mortgage Banking firm.




 Founded in February 1994, American Capital Corporation is one of California's largest independently-owned mortgage banking firms with over 240 employees.  We believe that American Capitals success is attributable to the principle upon which the company was established:

" To provide the highest level of customer service and the best rate and product loan programs available while upholding the standards of honesty and integrity."

 American Capital obtains its business through a system of referrals based on customer satisfaction.  We have achieved our success through consistently meeting the objectives of our clients and real estate professionals.  A great percentage of our business comes from referrals originating from real estate professionals who have entrusted American Capital in helping their clients meet their financing needs.

 American Capital has over 200 partnerships with the nation's top mortgage lenders, many of which only offer loan programs through companies like American Capital.  But we do the bulk of our sales through these partnerships wih Fannie Mae direct, Fredie Mac direct, FHA and large, medium and small banks, credit unions and in some cases private equity groups at direct wall street invesors.  We have access to thousands of loan programs, allowing us to research and select the best loan program for you.

 Technology is a primary focus in the constantly changing world of real estate finance.  American Capital invests a tremendous amount of time and resources to stay on the forefront of the technological opportunites that are constantly helping our industry,  These imrovements are making business-to-consumer and business-to-business internet relations a standard business tool.  While we recognize the benefits of technology, we are committed to the principle of one-on-one customer service.